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Deleting Old Clients
I have a lot of old client accounts where the client has either never activated them or hasn't used them in a very long time. Mixed in ar...
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When I go to the download now for the new apps, I log in and cannot locate the download link?
Why can't I find the download link for apps?
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Admin rights for non-sharefile users.
Hi Is there a way for a non-sharefile account holder to have admin rights to a folder that I've created? I can add them as a user (with e...
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Retention Policy Doesn't Seem to Be Applying
I turned on Advanced Preferences > File Settings > Retention Policy--Files are automatically deleted: After 6 months. I understand chang...
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Change owner without deleting user/folder structure
It should be possible to change the owner of files and folders (and recursively).Today it is only possible to change owner of files and f...
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