Can legacy reference GUIDs be cross-referenced with new UUIDs in new API?

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In the classic or legacy RightSignature documents and templates were all referenced by a 22 character GUID:
We have been using the classic version and API and have historically been storing GUIDs in our database and using them to retrieve data about our templates and documents using the classic RightSignature API.
Now we are getting migrated to the new RightSignature version and I noticed that the GUIDs are not  mentioned anywhere in the new API documentation and instead it mentions that UUIDs will be used instead to identify records:
i.e  4840dd4f-2c13-4395-a0e0-3577d1eed6fd

Will we no longer be able to use the GUIDs that we store over the years to access templates/docs via API? Will we lose access to those documents since we don't have any of their new UUIDs?
If possible we would really like to be able to cross reference the legacy GUIDs that we have, with the new UUIDs that I'm assuming will be assigned to all our docs/templates after we get migrated, so that we can update our records with those new UUIDs.
Any help/advice will be appreciate it.
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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It is not possible to reference templates/docs with their old GUIDs on new RightSignature account. So we might have to go with the second approach i.e to provide a mapping of the GUIDs and UUIDs. But we need to check the feasibility of this approach. I'll get back to you on this.
Is your account already migrated? Can you share the details(email id) of your account?

Thanks and Regards,
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Hi Vikas

Our account is not yet migrated, the email associated with our account is

To make this more feasible we can just cross reference only our templates since those are significantly less than our documents. Needless to say we still want everything migrated.

Two approaches to do this I'd like to suggest:

1- We could use a simple CSV file containing two columns: the old template GUID and its corresponding new UUID. I could then use that data to create a migration on our side and update all our template GUIDs.

2- I'm not sure if this is possible but on your side you could programmatically add a tag to all our templates data with a key value pair where the key would be GUID and the value would be the old GUID. I could then write our code to look for that tag whenever we make API requests and use it to update our templates data on our side.

I hope we can make this work.

Feel free to contact me directly at The email associated with our account is not monitored.
Thank you