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We are new to ShareFile and in the process of migrating large amounts of data from Dropbox. A user identified that once a parent folder is selected in Sync preferences, certain sub-folders can't be unchecked in order to be excluded from Sync. The workaround would require a user to uncheck the parent folder, send everything to the recycle bin, then reselect the desired folders and sync again. I didn't even bother to check this, given that its standard functionality in Dropbox. We are dealing with a lot of data, and would really like to empower users to choose what they would like to sync, while keeping the parent\sub-folder structure in place that I've seen others post about.

Is this something that can be resolved in a future update? Really loving everything else about ShareFile so far!

Thank you for your time!

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Edwin Baez

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Posted 2 years ago

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Andrew Edmond

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We would also love this to be introduced - when we first implemented Sharefile, there was no selective-sync on Personal Folders at all, it only worked on shared folders.  Then after months of us and others complaining, it was introduced, but ONLY ONE LEVEL DOWN from the root.  We've asked repeatedly for it to be made available at any level in the hierarchy, just like shared folders, but no response, so have given up asking.

I think Citrix's problem is, the way they did selective sync for shared folders, it "flattens" the hierarchy on the local machine.  So, if you select \sharedfolder1\Bob and \sharedfolder2\subfolderA\Jane for syncing, then on the local machine you get two folders called Bob and Jane, on the same level, with none of the hierarchy above.  You can probably see that, if the Jane folder was instead called Bob, then it gets messy, with name-clashes on the local machine.  So I think Citrix are worried that if they implemented it the same way for Personal Folders, they'll get ten times as much mess, as most users have much more data in their Personal Folders than their Shared Folders.

What they should have done for Shared Folders, was preserve the hierarchy on the local machine.  And then, they should have done the same for Personal Folders, which would make it easy to selectively sync at any level, on either type of folder, without having to worry about name-clashes on the local machine.  But I think there just isn't the appetite to re-engineer this, unfortunately :-(

Hope this helps
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Hi Edwin BaezAndrew Edmond,

We have plans to simplify the 'selective sync' capability, and in general, improve the overall experience of ShareFile desktop tools both on Windows as well as Mac. We appreciate your feedback. The suggestions and concerns you highlighted will surely be taken into consideration.

Prabhat Tyagi
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To Add to the previous requests, the ability to preserve the parent folder structure is key, we are migrating from Autotask Workplace where you can select the parent folder to sync then de-select the undesired sub folders. we have customers with multiple folders with the same name within different folder hierarchies. for example we may have a development folder and a production folder both with the same named sub folders, only syncing the sub folders without the parent is confusing for the client.  

simply put we need to be able to sync the parent folder then deselect the sub folders we do not wish to sync thus preserving the folder structure on the target client.

Many thanks
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"..we need to be able to sync the parent folder then deselect the subfolders we do not wish to sync thus preserving the folder structure... "

This is exactly what we need as well. Seems really strange that you can't already do it.

Please do a big announcement when you enable this functionality!

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We hope to see this implemented soon too. This feature is crucial especially for project sharing. Not everyone wants access to all folders to be loaded into their computer but there is no choice to deselect the folders once the parent folder is selected. It is very unproductive to the team as many of them have chosen not to use sync at all.