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We currently run share file drive mapper and the new Citrix files. In the past month, navigating the file system and opening files has been excruciating slow.  I have call tech support and received no real help other that being told to use the web application instead of the app.
Our upload speed is around 28 mbps and download at 355 mbps
As of now is it to slow to be useful and my team is very frustrated.
Any advise or help on what to do next?
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Posted 1 year ago

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We've had those issues on and off and sharefile support has never been particularly helpful.
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Hi All,

I'm sorry to hear of the trouble with Citrix Files and our Support team. There can be several reasons for general latency when navigating and opening files in our virtual drive applications such as Citrix Files for Win/Mac and Drive Mapper.

First I would highly recommend upgrading from Drive Mapper to the most recent version of Citrix Files. We recently (last week) released a new version of the tool which includes performance optimization improvements and we plan to continue increasing overall performance as time goes on.

Since these tools use a virtual drive and files are not stored locally that means that some of the biggest factors of general latency are: environment (network and local machine), number of items per folder level, complexity of folder access, and type of files. 

Some things to consider are:

Is it a local installation or a Virtual environment? Virtual environments often can't maintain a local cache of your folder structure which means all associated data needs to be pulled each and every time.

Is there Anti-Virus or backup software installed? This type of software may attempt to scan the virtual drive and trigger unwanted downloads causing additional delay.

Do folder structures have thousands of items at each folder level? The less items to load the faster the response will be. Additionally, more items directly translates in to additional time for Operating Systems to process the request.

Do users have extremely complex folder access? Additional time may be needed to calculate exactly which folders to display for each user if they only have access to very specific folders within a larger structure.

Do folders contain images? Windows will force a download of certain item types including images so Windows can display local thumbnails.

With all that said, these scenarios can definitely be investigated. Some latency may be expected based on the considerations above, however, we would love to investigate. Especially in the situation where none of the above are factors within your environment.

I've included a quick template below to help report these situations to our Support team:

Quick description: (example: took 15 seconds to load root of Shared Folders)
User Name: 
User Email: 
File Name: 
File Path: 
Approximate time/date: 
Log reference code: 
(User needs to submit logs from tool that performed upload of failing file - typically in the help menu of the tool)

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Hello, Kevin, Thanks for sharing this information.
We have been in a similar situation for over a week now. 
We use CItrix published desktops with Citrix Share file version 5 on the citrix servers.
We use ADFS to single-sign users in CItrix sharefile cloud.
Every day, starting in the morning throughout the early afternoon, we have the issue where browsing in the mapped drive is very slow. Some times it takes up tp 5/10 min staying on "Working on it". 

We have checked the NW: uploads and downlloads is nearly 360mbps
Disabled Antivirus
Dato  backups is not running
Server is ok resource-wise + the issue occurs even with single user on the server.

We have been with Citrix support for a week and no sufficient help from them.
These is happening to 2 clients at the same time.
Outside of CItrix and browsing in Citrtix files thru web within Citrix desktop works normally.

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The slow-down got really bad yesterday afternoon and is still slow.  Despite the issues listed above as possible causes, I don't think a product should be this slow (it never was on the previous file sharing system that we used - and nothing has changed). We did the update to v4.5 last week for Citrix for Windows. Employees here are used to using the mapped drive (for years on the previous file sharing system and now this one), and should be able to use it efficiently, especially given that it's a product offered by Citrix.  If many customers are having this same issue, I would think the issue needs investigated.  Do we all need to open up support tickets?
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We have the same behavior (also with 4.5). Sporadic slow navigation in Windows Explorer. Sometimes more than one minute for a not specific folders. We can't find a general reason, we have checkt the MS-Defender virus-scan, ATP and so on, with no success. 
Yes we have some great folder, but the slow performance also occur in folder with few file. What can we do our users complain more and more.    
Best Regards Frank
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It's gotten very bad after 5pm ET - users are getting very frustrated and quit working.
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We had the same issue, but after the latest v4.5.31 update, "S drive" (Citrix Files App) has become a local drive.
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Hey All, anyone still seeing issues after the 4.5.31 update should open a support ticket so we can look into what is going on. We did have a latency issue with the original 4.5 build, but released 4.5.31 as a hot fix to resolve it.
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We are a tax and accounting firm, and we store all of our files in Citrix Sharefile.   Over the past few days, speed of file access has gotten worse than it's ever been.   It's taking me many multiples of  time longer to get work done due to this 'speed of file access' issue.   This is true whether uploading or downloading.   Very frustrating!   I wish I would have been notified of the new Citrix Files update.   I came out here to search why Sharefile access ha gotten so slow, and see that it's not just me.   I have upgraded to 4.5.31, and I'm praying that the response time improves dramatically.    

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Please give us the exactly version that was so slow at your environment (
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I'm seeing the same thing.  10 minutes to copy a 300MB file out of Mac Citrix Files today.   And half the time it aborts.  v19.11
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Our company uses sharefile heavily. Sharefile services have been very slow for our users lately, commonly taking between 5-15 minutes for changes to sync between Citrix File and Sharefile cloud. During these slowdowns we are not even close to saturating our ISP circuits, local network, or local machine i/o.