Need API call to list all groups (+all groups for specific user), including non-shared groups, as admin user.

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I need a way to (from API) to list each and every group in the system for an admin user, not only groups shared with me.
So, I need to have something like an$all or similar. With the $all only working for admin users.

Having the limitation for Users(id)/Groups removed for admin-users would also be very welcome. It's a bit weird to require specifying user id if it only works for currently logged in user, isn't it? Anything can be found while foreach-ing to groups list and finding specific user, so it's a bit of security through obscurity to limit this call.

Ideally, Groups should have AccessControls as well (with rights to add, rights to remove, and rights for higher level admin such as rename, folder access reports, etc), such that the group owner or the admin can assign rights to specific users (or groups) to add/remove group members. That way, we can assign group editing rights to more than one user, without that user having group editing rights for every shared group. This is a missing step between the current two options (no rights at all, versus rights to edit all shared groups).

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Posted 10 months ago

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Same here.