Release Notes, ShareFile Web Application 17.12

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We are pleased to announce the release of the ShareFile Web Application v.17.12! The following features and improvements will be rolled out incrementally by April 28th.

Improvements to Encrypted Email Replies

Some customers have experienced issues retrieving files attached to encrypted email replies. Previously, files attached to an encrypted email reply inherited a file expiration date dependent on account file expiration settings, resulting in the unintended expiration of those files.

To avoid the unintended expiration of files attached to replies in this scenario, files attached to encrypted email replies are set to never expire.

This release also contains minor app and UI improvements, as well as the bug fixes outlined below.

Bug Fixes
  • Context menu fails to display properly on certain browsers.
  • After deleting a folder template, deleted template appears to remain in template list until the page has been refreshed.
  • Unable to sort folder templates by the Creator column.
  • Issues when searching for files that include special characters.
For Enterprise Customers:
  • Users not present in File Drop menu when Policy Based Admin is enabled on certain accounts.
  • Cannot preview a file created when signed into a secondary subdomain.

Who needs to know?
The ShareFile Web Application version 17.12 will be released to all customers.

You can learn more about the ShareFile Web Application, as well as our other tools, at the ShareFile Knowledge Base
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Jerred Metts

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Posted 2 years ago

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Blake Weibling

  • 1 Post
  • 0 Reply Likes trying to find more information about the release and specifics (i.e. API changes, more specificity in change log etc) I clicked on the "Documentation; You can learn more about the ShareFile Web Application, as well as our other tools, at the ShareFile Knowledge Base"

That link takes me to a very basic page; and clicking on the "what's new" link on that page...routes me back here...this is very circuitous

What I am used to is a white paper or specific changelog or version history with bugs listed, known issues etc...


Assuming a document like this exists for your engineers to track what they have changed / fixed / well as for the edification of developers who rely on the API to hook into the web app etc, where would I go to find it?!?



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Hey Blake,

Thanks for reaching out! That's a great question. I apologize for sending you on a loop with that Knowledge Base link - I should clarify in future posts that that link is meant for customers looking for more information on using the web application UI, rather than additional info about our release notes. 

For the purpose of these web app posts, we try to stick to feature changes and bug fixes that impact our day-to-day web app users. While our teams absolutely utilize various tools to track and work on things that may not be included in community posts like this one, at this time we don't publish those internal logs externally. We do reach out to customers impacted by specific issues during support interactions, at which time the customer usually has a ticket number or issue number to reference and is typically updated when the specific issue has been resolved.

I definitely sympathize with developers relying on the API that are looking to stay in the loop on changes and improvements. I'm sure you are familiar with our API library at ,  but if you have specific questions about applying the API I definitely encourage you to post at where some of our developers are fairly active. I'll see what I can find out about any future plans to add a notification feature to our API documentation.

Have a great weekend!