Release Notes, ShareFile Web Application 17.5

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We are pleased to announce the release of the ShareFile Web Application v.17.5! The following features and improvements will be rolled out incrementally between now and March 10th.

New Features

Various UI Improvements

Our design team is constantly looking for ways to improve the ShareFile experience. As part of these efforts, we have made two minor changes to the ShareFile interface outlined below.

We have cleaned up the folder "breadcrumbs" displayed at the top of your browser window when navigating within particularly deep folder structures. To improve performance and make it clear exactly where you are at any given time, we now display five folders (max) with the ability to access folders "higher up" in the folder hierarchy via a clickable drop-down menu.

Old Navigation Display

New Navigation Display

The Folder Activity menu has been reorganized for a more logical workflow (and a less cluttered look). The Folder Activity menu can be accessed via the More Options... button to the right of your folder name.

Old Folder Activity UI

New Folder Activity UI

Bug Fixes

  • Branding Email templates failed to display properly.
  • Company name failed to display in activation email for certain users.
  • Users could not copy and paste an email address into the recipient field when sharing a file.
  • Folders failed to follow the chosen Sort Order when viewed in Chrome web browsers.

Who needs to know?
The ShareFile Web Application version 17.5 is targeted for all customers

You can learn more about the ShareFile Web Application, as well as our other tools, at the ShareFile Knowledge Base.
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Jerred Metts

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Posted 3 years ago

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Jeremiah Strong

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Does the branding email template bug fix include custom branding templates?
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Jerred Metts

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Hey Jeremiah, thanks for reaching out.

From my understanding, yes, that bug primarily targets the issues we were seeing with custom branded templates not appearing for end-users when they should. If you're waiting on this particular fix, give us a shout later this week if it's still giving you trouble and we can follow up to make sure we squashed it!

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jason MAMC

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Breadrumbs appear to now reflect the full path, so if content was shared with you, it shows the path as if from the owner. Showing the full path from the perspective of the owner is not necessary and makes the bread crumbs. Is this related to the new update?