SFTP support (SSH) with ability to save to Customer Storage Zone

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We need SFTP support, aka FTP access over SSH with support for keys.

Moreover, this and the current FTP(S) solution needs to allow saving documents to our "Customer Storage Zone".

We have many vendors that "like" to use FTP to send us files. If you implemented this, we wouldn't have to write and support FTP scripts to process the stuff they send us.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Adrian.  Appreciate the feedback, I'll discuss with our broader product management team.

On point #2 specifically:

We do hear the request for FTP to Customer Managed StorageZones from time to time, but this is challenging to implement.  Many of our customers use their own storage specifically for data compliance reasons - so by design, files destined for a customer-managed zone never pass through Citrix servers or networks.  Allowing FTP support to customer managed zones would mean either hosting the service on our servers, which is contrary to the above design, or essentially implementing an FTP service for our on-prem customers, which would require opening up a new local port for file transfers.  To this end, it may make more sense to dedicate some cloud storage to specific files and folders that you'd use for external FTP transfers?
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Hi, this is also something that our customers would want. SFTP especially would be great feature to have and would open us more opportunities. Sure it would need additional software component on SZ and it might be difficult to implement but that would be preferred option (because one of our selling points is that data is located in nordic area.. ).

If you could add this to cloud storage with feasible pricing that would be the next best thing to implement. We have several customers with sftp servers in dmz, so anything would be improvement to existing solutions. 
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We too have customers who want to send us files using SFTP over port 22, which doesn't require additional ports to be opened on their firewalls. They have "daemon" processes that push the files out to their business partners unattended using SFTP. Some of them are huge companies (multi-billion-dollar international corporations) and it is usually impossible to get their sprawling IT departments to authorize exceptions to the way they have set things up, in order to accommodate us using FTP over SSL. These folks come from an EDI background.  We have to apologize that our secure portal on Citrix Sharefile does not support SFTP on port 22 and plead with them to have a human being on their end send us the file as an encrypted email attachment periodically. So we would like to be able to dedicate a folder to each such customer under our Shared Folders section, and route the incoming files automatically to that folder, just as we can do now with plain-vanilla FTP.
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We also require the FTP / FTPS / SFTP functionality in the on premise implementations. Is there a road-map to implement this feature in Storage Zone Controllers?
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We need SFTP. I dont know how many times we need to beg for this but it needs to happen! 
FTP should not even be offered! You guys are supposedly used for "SECURE" file sharing but you offer FTP?!?! Not to mention your FTPS setup only allows for implicit ssl... which is deprecated on most FTP clients!!!
Make the jump to SFTP PLEASE!!!!! 

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Any Traction on this yet?