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I want to share an item with sending mail then I send a request:

  "Title":"Sample Send Share",
  "Items": [ { "Id":"fi29e762-1e1e-a3be-d14a-d32925030dd1" } ],
  "Recipients":[ { "User": { "Email": "" } } ],
  "ExpirationDate": "2017-09-29",
  "RequireLogin": false,
  "RequireUserInfo": false,
  "MaxDownloads": -1,
  "UsesStreamIDs": false

and I have the request response:

  "AliasID": "s77c8451ab794aa68",
  "ShareType": "Send",
  "Title": "Sample Send Share",
  "HasSentMessage": false,
  "SentMessageTitle": "",
  "RequireLogin": false,
  "RequireUserInfo": false,
  "CreationDate": "2017-09-05T07:22:42.933Z",
  "ExpirationDate": "2017-09-29T00:00:00Z",
  "MaxDownloads": -1,
  "TotalDownloads": 0,
  "IsViewOnly": false,
  "TrackUntilDate": "0001-01-01T05:00:00Z",
  "SendFrequency": 0,
  "SendInterval": 0,
  "LastDateSent": "0001-01-01T05:00:00Z",
  "IsConsumed": false,
  "IsRead": false,
  "IsArchived": false,
  "SendTool": "",
  "SendMethod": "",
  "UsesStreamIDs": false,
  "Uri": "";,
  "Signature": "",
  "ShareSubType": "None",
  "ShareAccessRight": {
    "DisplayText": "contrôle total",
    "AccessRightType": "FullControl",
    "odata.type": "ShareFile.Api.Models.ShareAccessRight",
    "Id": ""
  "IrmProtected": false,
  "odata.metadata": "$metadata#Shares/ShareFile.Api.Models.Share@Element";,
  "odata.type": "ShareFile.Api.Models.Share",
  "Id": "s77c8451ab794aa68",
  "url": "";

The sending isn't working. The Id item and the email address are checked.

Where is the error?



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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Sylver,

If you'd like ShareFile to send the link email on your behalf, please use the "Deliver Send a File Email" endpoint:


  "Items":["itemId1", "itemId2", ...], 
  "Emails":["", "",...] 
  "Subject": "Email Subject", 
  "Body": "Email Message", 
  "CcSender": false, 
  "NotifyOnDownload": true, 
  "RequireLogin": false, 
  "MaxDownloads": 30, 
  "ExpirationDays": -1 

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Hi Eli,

The "Deliver Send a File Email" endpoint is working :)

Why is the mailing not working with the "Create Share" endpoint? I see the emails in mailbox sents in the sharefile web but the emails didn't sent to their destination?

Wtih the "Deliver Send a File Email" endpoint, how do I know that the emails are really sent? HasSentMessage is always false after the launch.

Thank you for rour reply.