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Photo of Larry Monuteaux
I'm new to ShareFile. I am hoping to create new client users using Powershell, but I have no idea how to begin. I'd like to create them b...
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Photo of Smriti KC
Managing users
Is there a way to manage users' folder access from one area. At the moment if I have to add or remove access for users I go to each folde...
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Photo of MB
Hoover - Tooltip Type Functionality
It would be nice to have a tooltip type of funcationality when somebody mouse hoovers on the folder comments icon. For e.g., when the mou...
  • MB, 5 years ago

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Photo of maku san
Mute Presenter
As a attendee I would like to be able to mute the Presenters.  There are times I'm in a webinar and I need to jump over to a different ch...
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