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Photo of Karen Cumbers
"file naming"
My organization shares many folders and files. These are dated documents (meeting minutes, reports, agenda, etc). We are trying to establ...
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Photo of UdoJ
path too long to sync
Hi there I want to migrate a customer from one cloud account to another. Lacking of a migration tool I wanted to sync the data down to...
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Photo of Don Baham
Script folder creation
Hoping this is simple enough but I have never done any scripting with ShareFile.  We are trying to create several thousand folders from a...
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Photo of Dan Van Den Beldt
Sharefile backup scheduling
I have Sharefile backup scheduled to run during off hours and all day Saturday and Sunday but why does it continue to run during the work...
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Photo of Dotan Snir
Fail to upload 3GB file via API
Hi, I'm trying to upload a large file (3.5GB) via the api.Standard method doesn't work (file too large), trying the threaded method as do...
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Photo of antanas
Read-only access to all folders
Currently there is an option to grant access to all folders, but that access is full admin. We would need to have an option to grant read...
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